How to embed fonts in Word / PowerPoint?

We use universal fonts like Arial, Calibri etc… for MS office documents and it’s safe and display the same on all machines worldwide. This is because these universal fonts are already in the installation package of OS or Office software.

But, sometimes we would like to get our documents custom designed/branded with images, colors and beautiful fonts as well. Custom fonts need to be embedded, else it may display with default fonts on someone else’s computer. Design elements may look relocated and unwanted changes also occur. To avoid this we have to embed the special fonts in our document using the following method.

How to Embed Fonts

To embed a font, click the “File” menu while working on a document in the Windows versions of Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher.

Click the “Options” link at the bottom of the menu that appears.

Click “Save” in the left pane.

Under “Preserve fidelity when sharing this document”, check the “Embed fonts in the file” option.

To reduce the resulting document’s file size, be sure to check the “Embed only the characters used in the document (best for reducing file size)” option. Office will only embed a font if it’s used in the document. Otherwise, Office will embed other fonts from your system into the file, even if you haven’t used them.

Leave the “Do not embed common system fonts” option enabled. This will also help reduce the file size by omitting Windows system fonts that the recipient likely has installed.

Click “OK” to save your changes and save the document normally. The fonts you used in the document will be embedded into the file.